Do you keep these foods in the refrigerator? Error!

Although the refrigerator is the number one ally when it comes to food preservation concerns, and a more than essential appliances in our daily lives, there are products we usually keep it in the wrong way.

Do you store these food in the refrigerator? Error! Today we talk about specific foods that, as a rule, almost all of us usually keep in the refrigerator, but the reality is that we may be making a mistake.

In contrast to what is generally thought, the cold from the refrigerator in certain foods can make you taste and alter its natural properties, and in many cases even accelerate their deterioration.

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Of course, this does not mean to keep this kind of food in our refrigerator will entail no risk when taking them, but it is important to know some of these foods to preserve maximum flavor and properties, and to avoid a deterioration of its quality.

1.- Chocolate

It is one of the foods that usually just reach our house go directly to the refrigerator, especially for fear of melting. The ideal is to keep the chocolate at room temperature, neither hot nor cold from the refrigerator.

In addition, chocolate is one of the products that more smells and moisture picks up, so it is not recommended to put it in the refrigerator. Once opened the best way to preserve this food is in a plastic wrap or bag to freeze.

As an exception, containing chocolates are filled with dairy products , in this case and because of the specific characteristics of the product should be done is to put it in the fridge and consume within a reasonable time, three or four days.

2.- Tomatoes

Another food that almost always reigns in our fridge are tomatoes, another mistake to correct. When we put this food in the refrigerator, all we get is alter their ripening process and lose some flavor of it.

The cold from the refrigerator will facilitate that appears mealy texture characteristic of the tomato makes loses its smoothness and firmness. The ideal is to have the tomatoes in a fruit bowl or in a kitchen cart, at room temperature, to be able to enjoy all its properties.

3.- Bananas

Bananas are fruits that usually ripen quite fast and to prevent them from getting past us and getting too ripe, we resort to the refrigerator. Well, bananas are generally grown fruits at high temperatures, and expose them to the refrigerator temperature is going to provide that blacken and become mushy texture.

If we have some bananas that are already mature, we can put them in the fridge to slow down the ripening and not lose, although it is not ideal, but avoid above all, get them newly purchased when they are still green.

4.- Onions and garlic

To avoid these foods are softened, and even become coated with mold, avoid exposure to moisture from the refrigerator and always take them out of the plastic bags which usually get into greengrocers.

Traditional onions germinate much faster if they are in the refrigerator, so the ideal for their conservation is to keep them in a cool and dry place. However, scallions, because of its water content, can store them in the fridge without problem.

In the case of garlic, as with onions, moisture favors the deterioration of the bulb and the appearance of mold. They could keep in the fridge, provisionally, if garlic is chopped.

As you can see, four foods that we usually keep in the fridge and to which we are doing a “disservice”. From now have these products at room temperature and in dry places, will encourage you enjoy under conditions of its taste, texture and properties.

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