Fights cellulite

Fights cellulite without miracles

Some time ago we talked about this and we explain in our post Say goodbye to cellulite learning to fight, what was cellulite and some general tips to keep in mind to combat this problem.

Today we are going to go deeper into this issue, since it is one of the complexes that affect us most, both men and women, and one of the issues most demanded. So today: fights cellulite without miracles.

The first thing to know, to combat the unwanted accumulation of adipose tissue that appears mostly in the legs, buttocks and buttocks, is that there are a number of important factors to consider that will directly affect the problem of cellulite.

Fights cellulite
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Hormone Level Factors

The estrogen are natural steroid hormones sexual, and in contrast to testosterone is very common to have them at higher levels than we should factor that can influence these problems.

In fact, people with excess body fat are more likely to have low testosterone levels, as naturally, these levels often decrease from the approximately 30 years.

Therefore, we seek to achieve an appropriate balance between these two types of hormones in our body, falling levels of estrogen and testosterone raising.

The strategy to get a good hormonal balance, estrogen and testosterone, through the type of diet and exercise that we continue to do, so we focus on it and see how this affects other body systems.

How to combat it through diet

To promote this hormonal balance is important to begin to restrict, as far as possible estrogen foods so that no more raise our levels of estrogen . Some of these foods may be soybeans, peanuts, beer, nuts or some legumes.

And in contrast try to enrich our diet with foods that support us in this purpose , such as: oily fish, animal fats, vegetables, seafood, almonds, etc … The contributions of zinc and magnesium, and a good ratio of sodium to Potassium, is also going to be important.

Another important tip is to consider and avoid certain containers and plastic wraps , which as we discussed in our post: An unknown thing to keep in mind when buying your water bottle, can release certain chemicals that affect our hormonal system encouraging estrogenization.

What are we going to get with this?

Through a good choice of what we eat and following a proper diet, and that is not high in carbohydrates, get on the one hand promote our hormonal system and on the other hand, reduce excess body fat, enemy number 1 of cellulite.

But as always, a diet without exercise does not help us at all. And exercise without diet, either. So we are now talking about the other essential factor in the fight against cellulite: exercise.

How exercise affects our systems

Exercise is going to be the other fundamental point in getting results, and why? Very simple, because it is important to maintain a good blood circulation, for proper distribution of nutrients and healthy lymphatic system, which transport and release without collapsing our waste substances.

We’ve talked in the past about whether you can reduce localized fat and the answer we gave was of course yes, but not exclusively, that is, if we want to reduce the excess fat from our buttocks and buttocks, we Than to do it also of the rest of our body.

But it is true that through specific exercises in these areas, we can help our circulatory and lymphatic system function properly and facilitate the distribution of nutrients and waste disposal key to start fighting cellulite.

Key Specific Exercises

Let’s find exercises that interest us to oxygenate and tone the muscles in these affected areas, i.e. that affect especially glutes and hamstrings, two of the most problematic parts.

Exercises such as Hip Thrust, back kicks, squats, deadlifts, glute bridge, leg curl, good morning, strides and / or press and all its variants, will be perfect for our purpose, working in depth these conflict zones. 
Similarly are highly recommended vertical exercises, such as jumping, to activate and stimulate your lymphatic system.

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