bar from the ground up

How to learn to catch up on the bar from the ground up

Now it is time to correct this defect and to describe everything in detail. At the same time, I note that this article is not based merely on theoretical guidelines, and on my personal experience.

And though I’m too far away to champions in sipping that can be tightened more than 200 times (though not without interruption, and relaxing in the vise on the bar on one, then on the other hand), but I tightened my time quite a lot.

So, if you want to really learn how to catch up, check out my author’s technique.

bar from the ground up
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How to learn to catch up on the bar from the ground up

In the old days I faced a problem: it was urgent for 4 days to increase the number of pull-ups on a bar with 4 (my maximum at the time) to 8.

No books (especially internet) was not a problem. I had to invent something on their own. And, oddly enough, it was possible.

Exactly after 4 days I pulled 8 times without any problems.

I told him what I was doing in those 4 days before the start.

Method of tightening training

I was in the availability of a low beam, a little above his head. When I was taken for it medium grip (slightly wider than shoulder width), the elbows were bent almost at a right angle (slightly more than 90 degrees).

Next to the bar housed an ordinary table, waist-high.

These two subjects proved to be quite enough for the great progress in the pull-ups.

The technique itself is very simple.

I served as pulling from the floor (not from Davis position) to a position where his chin is above the bar only 1 time, back to the original position, and then took the emphasis on the nightstand in the same grip, which is used in pull-ups and push-ups performed 1.

Once again, I was doing push-ups pull-1 (from the floor) and has served on tables 2 push-ups.

Thus, every time I increased the number of push-ups on the tables after 1 pull-ups as long as 12 consecutive push-ups performed.

After that, the number of push-ups decreased by 1 every time you pull up to as long as I did not reach 1 pushups. Then the training was stopped.

It turned out that I was doing for the training:

23 pull-ups;

144 push-ups.

What makes this technique tightening

In those days I could hardly say why this technique helped to significantly improve the result in the pull-ups.

But most understandable today.

To learn how to catch up, it is necessary to understand the following:

  1. The pull-ups operate almost all the muscles of the upper body. And pull-ups, push-ups, and they involve well.
  2. If a person does not make friends with exercise, even if a good figure in his upset neuromuscular communication. Those. Muscle bad follow orders to carry out physical effort.
  3. To improve the neuromuscular connection, it is necessary to perform the job (the movements), in which there is a necessity. Simply put, to catch up on the bar, you need to catch up on the bar. Do not swing your biceps, do pull on the block and does not run. But you need a lot to catch up. These 23 pull-ups – this is the minimum for a beginner.
  4. To improve the neuromuscular connections do not need such an amount of time for muscle growth. The muscle which has undergone the load increases for 10-14 days, and the tendon of the – even longer. To improve the conduction of nerve impulses can be a matter of days. That is why you can do every day, but not for long, until the first signs of fatigue. Then we must give yourself an immediate vacation of 1-2, and even more days. This will only help your muscles recover.
  5. In this technique, it is not about muscle development. We will use only those muscles which have available. The lower the person’s own weight, pulling up the student, the better the outcome will be, and the sooner we can achieve it.
  6. Enabling simple push-ups between pull-ups has a very important meaning. They are subjected to load the desired muscle groups, improve neuromuscular conduction. They play the role of active rest between pull-ups, gradually increasing or decreasing the intensity of the pull-ups using the rest time between pull-ups. Besides, they just unload the psyche, do not give to get stuck on the pull-ups.
  7. After the first results, you should move on to conventional training in pull-ups, when the muscles are trained every day, and 1-2 times a week. Otherwise, muscle growth, and the results will soon be closed due to severe overloading of the hormonal system.

So, you read really working system that will teach anyone to catch up on the bar. The best results are expected of young people with lack of weight loss.

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