It is confirmed that nutritional power reduces mortality in cardiac and pulmonary patients by 50%

We all know the importance of good nutrition and a correct nutritional value for our body, but it is more, according to a recent study are guarantees that the nutritional power reduces mortality in heart and lung patients by 50%.

Administration of a specialized nutritional supplement, elderly patients with clear nutritional and having this kind of heart and lung ailments deficiencies, has shown scientific evidence that already sensed the importance of nutrition.

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Bases of the study

Research “Effects of Nutrition Unplanned readmission and the Survival of Hospitalized Patients”, published through the web “Clinical Nutrition”, has been in charge of giving birth to the scientific evidence.

The study has made it clear that through specialized nutritional supplements , have decreased more significantly the problems that can arise in these diseases, and hospital readmissions and even the very patient mortality within 90 days from hospital discharge.

To carry out the study has taken a total of 652 patients with heart and lung problems, over 65 years, and evidence of malnutrition and poor nutrition .

This group has provided them with the nutritional supplement, orally, to obtain data and comparisons with another group of patients , with similar characteristics, which not has been provided to the supplement and instead were administered a placebo.

Conclusions of the research

The data reveal that the group of people over 65 years who had supplied them with the nutritional supplement, reduced by 50% mortality rate , from 30 to 90 days after hospital discharge.

In addition, they were clear improvements in terms of body weight, preventing their loss and nutritional status of patients who took the supplement compared with the other group and, of course, with the values initially possessed.

According Nicolaas E. Deutz, in charge of carrying out research:

“The study clearly reinforces the power of nutrition to impact on clinical outcomes. For people in the study who were ill and diagnosed with malnutrition, nutrition was critical for survival since it helps keep the body, especially the Muscles, working properly”.

About Nutritional Supplement

The problem of malnutrition in adults with this type of ailments or diseases is more common than we think. About half of older people admitted to hospital to be treated for heart or lung problems do so with high rates of malnutrition.

This leads to patients suffering from problems of loss of muscle and energy, intensifying possible consequences such as heart attacks and raising the chances of complications in the disease or even lead to death.

The specific nutritional supplement that has been used to carry out the study, was a high – protein combined (20 g), HMB (preservative muscle) and vitamin D. As you can see, a supplement that promotes rebuilding muscle mass, essential For the recovery of the sick.

A personal conclusion …

It is clear that the intake of protein and vitamins the body is not just for young athletes, also our elders need to have energy, strength and good muscle mass to overcome all sorts of ailments and have a good recovery.

Supplementation there is no need to fit it within the “artificial” or else we should not take. In many cases an external supply of nutrients, which our body needs and we may have lacking, is shown to be more than beneficial to our health and as you see, at any age.

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