Long hair

Long hair – The pride of every woman, how quickly grow a desired length

The coat on the man’s head is getting longer by 0.35 mm for each day, a month adds up to an average of 1 – 1.5 cm. It is clear that advertising promises miracle means 15-20 cm a month, not more than a fantasy and advertising course, because nothing in common with reality are not. Moreover, each person all the processes (including hair regrowth) are at a different rate, intensity dependent on the time of day, climate conditions and mood. Fully control the hair growth is impossible, but try to speed – as possible.

Long hair
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Hair structure, their life cycle and growth characteristics

Human hair, like skin consists of three layers (see under a microscope can be only)

  • Cuticle, that is, the protective layer, it was she who gives visible shine shock of hair, and does not break volosiny;
  • Cortex – a part which is responsible for the strength, as it contains the pigment grains;
  • Medulla and nucleus, where the medulla. It plays no role in the changes in the physical and chemical properties.

The part of the hair that is under the skin called a bulb, and visible – core. The root or bulb is surrounded by follicle. Can I call a living part of the body hair? On one hand, when they are subjected to thermal treatment or shearing, it does not cause pain. On the other hand, they are able to self-replicate, are alive.

The very process of growth takes 3 steps: the actual growth, rest and loss. The duration of the first phase is about 2-5 years, the second – about 2 weeks, and the third – three months. At the last stage of the hair stops growing, the follicle shrinks and rises closer to the surface of the skin. Then he falls, and in its place begins to grow a new one.

Hair growth rate, the intensity of the loss depends on many factors, such as diet, age, climate, heredity, season, time of day. For example, in summer and in hot climates growth is enhanced by 15-20%. This is due to the fact that heat stimulates blood circulation, which improves the nutrition of the hair follicles. In the cold season, the blood circulation is enhanced in the internal organs, but closer to the dermis on the contrary – is slowing. This is due to the slowdown of cell division of hair follicles in the winter.

You should also take into account the age. Increase the length of the children will be about 1.3 cm per month, an adult – 1.5 cm, and the elderly – 1 cm should not forget about heredity..

If the hair do not grow

What if the hair do not grow? Find the cause and try to improve the situation. In diseases of the hair is disturbed active phase of growth, which scientists call the word “anagen”. The old hair falls out before reaching the desired length and age. It looks something like a sudden snow in midsummer. The hair does not last the full growth cycle of thin, sparse, pale, lifeless.

What is all that dangerous? The danger of this situation is to reduce the volume of hair (of the recession). If you do not take appropriate measures, the follicles atrophy and is no longer able to produce hair ever. It begins baldness. Treatment in this case would be to normalize the active growth phase.

We should not forget that poor hair growth – this is just the tip of the problem. Failure of the active growth phase does not happen because of anything, just so. This is a reaction to the health problems of the whole body or certain organs. There may be a hormonal failure, violation of metabolism (metabolism), and so forth. And that is characteristic of the disease can not be felt quite a long period of time. The deterioration of the hair growth, their intense precipitation are the reason to visit the doctor.

How can accelerate hair growth

If you have not touched the problem of hair loss or baldness, but the hair grows not so fast as we would like, you can try to speed up the process. Expect growth to 10-15 cm per month is not necessary, but the inherent nature of 1 to 1.5 cm can be obtained. There are several effective methods that can be tested without damage to health:

  1. Massage. Nice procedure takes a minimum of time and giving a lot of positive emotions. Massage does not require any financial investment, it can be done at any convenient location. His must-do during shampooing, applying masks, scratching. You can use aromatherapy oils that will help even more relaxing, enjoy the procedures that would be beneficial for the state of hair.
  2. Aroma. Useful and pleasant procedure. Choosing the right comb made of natural materials and a few drops of aroma oils can work wonders.
  3. Natural oils. They contain huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, acids which are needed hair. Women, including the program of self-care, note the positive results. It is safe to add in shampoo, conditioner, mask become traditional burdock and castor oil as well as the ether extracts. Before application should verify the absence of specific allergy oil.
  4. Homemade masks. In my grandmother’s trunk there are many recipes miraculous masks for hair growth composed of natural ingredients. The undoubted advantage of their naturalness and lack – the result will have to wait.
  5. Shop tools. Choice means caring in stores and pharmacies is huge. Presented range for every budget and taste. The difference from the home remedies they take a lot of time to prepare the composition, as well as more noticeable results in a few procedures.


Choose the right comb. It should not be made of metal, because injure the scalp and hair can electrify. The best option will be a wooden combs or comb massage with natural bristles.

Terms of scratching:

  • long hair begin to comb from the ends, gradually moving to the roots;
  • should not be scratching your wet hair, because they are strongly stretched in this state, and the structure is broken;
  • if suddenly entangled strands, not deride their comb – better to carefully disassemble the knots by hand.

Try at least once in three months to level ends. So your curls will look healthier.

Diet for healthy hair

Many have heard the saying that a man is what he eats. With proper nutrition, you can forget about illnesses, loss and slow hair growth, skin problems, brittle nails. Responsible for hair growth nutrients such as proteins, fatty acids, vitamins of group A and B (especially B12), E, ​​C, zinc and iron.

  • Protein – a building material for the hair. Found in meat, nuts, poultry, eggs, fish, cheese. These products must be daily diet.
  • Fatty acids are directly involved in the production of collagen and keratin, maintain hormonal balance in the body. Sources – vegetable oils.
  • Vitamin A is supplied into the body of the fish oil, carrots, liver, eggs, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, egg yolk.
  • Vitamin C is responsible for the health of blood vessels and promotes the production of collagen. He’s in great quantity in the wild rose, bell peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries.
  • Vitamin B12 affects cell division, that is to say from him directly depends on the growth of hair. A lot of it in nuts, vegetable oil, seeds, beans, yeast, liver, dairy products, whole-grain baking.
  • Zinc not allow hair to break. Most of it is found in oysters and pumpkin seeds.

Proper nutrition, adherence to rest and healthy sleep can work wonders. And if you add to all this fresh air, active lifestyle, the hair will look simply luxurious.

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