Exercises to lose belly fat after childbirth for your body fitness

Exercises to lose belly fat after childbirth for your body fitness

Simple exercises to help you lose belly after giving birth

After childbirth you need to exercises for you body fitness. Finding one’s physical fitness is for many newcomers, if not a priority, almost.

Often, however, the time to devote to physical activity decreases drastically. And not all moms can find the way to go back regularly to fitness centers and aesthetic centers. For those who breastfeed, it is also advised not to undergo severe calorie diets although. Of course, eating healthy, choosing foods rich in fiber and fat. It’s essential to lose weight and get back into shape.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to take long walks with the baby around the city. The walks in the green and for those who are lucky enough to live in the sea, given also the season, the walks by the sea with their legs immersed in the sea, water to the knee and the small in the arm.

After that, for more targeted and functional exercises to reduce localized fat accumulations, here are three exercises to be repeated regularly every day. They will not take away more than half an hour and can easily be run in the house with the simple auxiliary of a mat.

ADDITIONAL SUPERIOR SIT-UPExercises to lose belly fat after childbirth for your body fitness

The base to strengthen the abdominal wall and counteract the presence of fat located in the belly area.

Lying on a mat, with the back perfectly adhering to the ground and arms behind the back so as to support it, bend the knees and shrugs. You do not need to get up too much. The back will always have to be well planted and the work should not be done from the shoulders but from the abdomen. To be functional this exercise should be repeated at least 4 times a week. You can start with three series of 20 and then increase the number of repetitions for each series.

Once you have reached a good level of training, you can integrate sit-ups with a bust rotation to tone up your hips.


The reverse crunch allows toning the lower abdomen, eliminating the fat that usually accumulates under the navel.

Exercises to lose belly fat after childbirth for your body fitness

Lying on the ground, with the back perfectly adherent to the mat, bend your legs, lift your buttocks, and the basin and portal to your chest, closing to the curly. This exercise is generally more tiring than the other. You can start with three sets of 15 to repeat 3 times a week to increase. Then gradually the number of repetitions.

ISOMETRIC ABDOMINALExercises to lose belly fat after childbirth for your body fitness

Isometric exercises strengthen and develop muscle, improving blood circulation, and facilitating tissue re-oxygenation.

A classic exercise to increase the muscular tone of the abdominal wall is this:

supine, lift the body by leveraging the toe and forearms and keeping the position as long as possible. The minimum goal is one minute. To repeat three times. Once you have achieved a good workout, you can lift your right leg and left arm from the ground, keep the position for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

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